6/19/2012 MMX will finance projects related to small scale fishing and fish-farming in Sepetiba bay
On June 14th MMX, the company responsible for the construction of the Sudeste Superport in the municipality of Itaguaí, started the second stage of its Social Plan for Investment inSmall-scale Fishing. The aim of the program is to strengthen small-scale fishing and fish-farming activities in Sepetiba Bay. The process is open to all the colonies and associations involved with small-scale fishing and fish-farming in the region, and projects may be submitted with requests for funding up to August 10.
The program has as its central premise the financing of projects that bring benefitsrelated to the social organization of fishing. Proposals will be prioritized which focus on strengthening of association activities, the main elements of the production chain (production and distribution) and/or training for management. In this second stage, the company will also assess income generating projects for young people and wives of fishermen.  
"The main criterion for the selection of projects is the collective benefit. We want to fund projects that benefit the fishing community as a whole", explained Luciano Ferreira, Director of Port Operations for MMX.
As in the first stage, the associations will receive technical advice for writing and formatting projects. The selection will be made by a Committee formed of representatives of the company and a specialist from the academic area. The results of the selection will be announced on August 24th.
The first stage of the plan
In the first stage of the Social Investment in Fishing Plan, MMX invested R$ 2.3 million in 11 projects from small-scale fishing associations. The projects covered structural work, such as the reform of the headquarters of the Association of Fishermen and Farmers of Ilha da Madeira (Aplim), the construction of a fish market for the Association of Fishermen and Shrimpers of Muriqui (Apemam), and also certification projects, such as the deployment of fish-farms, with training courses for families linked to the Association of Fish-farmers of Mangaratiba (Amar).
Projects under consideration
Association of Fishermen and Farmers of Ilha da Madeira (APLIM) – MMX rebuilt the headquarters of the Association and installed an industrial kitchen, computer room, and rooms for courses and meetings.
·         Association of Fishermen and Shrimpers of Muriqui (APEMAM)-MMX built a fish market, with an area for selling produce with eight stalls, cold room, storage room for materials and office.
·         The Association of Fishermen of Sepetiba (APAS)-the company refurbished the cold room and purchased a vehicle for transportation of fish.
·         Association of Fish-farmers of Mangaratiba (Amar) – deployment of fish-farms, with purchase of seeds, boats and long-lines. The investments also permitted the training of all the families of associated fish-farmers.
·         Association of Small-scale Fishermen of the São Francisco River (APASF)-in Santa Cruz, MMX invested in the construction and installation of an ice factory and also institutional support.
·         Association of Fishermen and Shrimpers of Ilha da Marambaia (APMIM) – construction of the headquarters of the organization and an ice factory.
·         Association of Fish-farmers of the Costa Verde of Itaguaí (AMCOVERI) – purchase of a vehicle and deployment of a fish-farm.
·         Free Association of Fish-farmers of Coroa Grande (AMACOR)-deployment of five fish-farms
·         Z-14 Fishing Colony – construction of an ice factory and the purchase of a truck for selling fish.
·         Z-16 Fishing Colony - construction of a sales center within the colony, with ice machine, cold room and stalls.
·         Association of Fish-farmers of the South Coast- Mangaratiba (ANDREI)-deployment of a fish-farm for production of mussels and clams.


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