Made up of the Tico-Tico and Ipê mines, the Serra Azul Unit, located in the Iron Quadrangle of Minas Gerais, produces about 6 million tonnes of iron ore annually.

The Serra Azul Unit processes iron ore extracted from friable itabirite. The final products are the lump ore (granulated ore, ready to be transformed into steel) and sinter feed (fine ore).

The iron ore from Serra Azul Unit is intended for internal users, such as large mining companies and steelmakers and producers of pig iron, and external consumers, especially in the Asian market. From 2014, MMX will be able to export its entire production through the the Porto Sudeste do Brasil, located in Itaguaí (RJ). The company also has a long-term contract with MRS Logística for rail transportation of iron ore to the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

The production capacity of the Serra Azul Unit may reach 15 million tonnes a year of iron ore. To expand the plant, the company already has the Installation License from the environmental agency, the earthworks are completed and some of the large equipment has already been acquired.

At the Serra Azul Unit, MMX has about 1 billion tonnes of iron ore reserves certified by SRK Consulting.

Pau de Vinho Mine
In February 2011, MMX acquired the exploration rights for 30 years for the Pau de Vinho mine owned by Mineração Usiminas, located in an area bordering on the Serra Azul Unit. This partnership will allow MMX to operate in the area with synergy, taking advantage of the machinery and infrastructure of the Serra Azul Unit.




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